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(Presented to the club by Grantham Brothers)

This is awarded to the member who catches the heaviest freshwater fish anytime during the season (The catch must be reported to the committee using the form in the membership book).



2007 Darryl Armitage (41lb 9oz Catfish - Sandersons)
2006 Clive Sharpe (34lb 8oz Carp - Tilgate)
2005 Phil Harris (19lb 15oz Carp - Foxbridge)
2004 Brian Croney (24lb 7oz Pike - Campbells)
2003 Gary Toland (26lb Mirror Carp - Campbells)
2002 Leigh Holman (31lb 8oz Catfish - Whiteacres)
2001 Bill Bailey (32lb 13oz Common Carp - Whitevane)
2000 Bill Richardson
1999 Peter Sharpe (24lb 7oz Mirror Carp)
1998 Len Waite (10lb Barbel)
1997 Simon Clark
1996 Bill Richardson (9lb 4oz Carp)
1995-96 M.Horner (22lb Carp)
1994-95 A.Steggles (23lb Carp)
1993-94 P.Miles (20lb 4oz Carp)
1992-93 J.Fisher (17lb 1oz Carp)
1991-92 D.Elms (15lb Carp)
1990-91 Roy Heather(22lb 14oz Pike)
1989-90 D.Jones (20lb 1oz Carp)
1988-89 Jack Sorrell (5lb 11oz Tench)
1887-88 Jess McMahon (9lb 12oz Barbel)
1986-87 C.Voss (32lb 8oz Pike)
1985-86 Jess McMahon (32lb 8oz Pike)
1984-85 Not Awarded
1983-84 Paul Maloney (28lb 8oz Pike)
1982-83 A.Bourne (8lb Carp)
1981-82 M.Sharp (29lb 4oz Pike)
1980-81 B.Harding (21lb 8oz Pike)
1979-80 Not Awarded
1978-79 P.Harding (19lb Pike)
1977-78 B.Cooper (23lb 14oz Pike)
1976-77 Terry Harrison (5lb Barbel)
1975-76 B.S.Hughes (21lb Mirror Carp)
1974-75 K.Colston (10lb Pike)
1973-74 T.Sneyd (13lb 12oz Carp)
1972-73 G.Curtis (8lb Carp)
1971-72 J.Rice (7lb 14oz Carp)
1970-71 J.Jones (13lb 8oz Carp)
1969-70 P.Harding (24lb 8oz Pike)
1968-69 B.Hope (21lb Pike)
1967-68 B.Harding (17lb 8oz Pike)
1966-67 P.Harding (22lb 8oz Pike)
1965-66 R.Green (7lb 8oz Pike)
1964-65 K.D.McDuff
1963-64 C.Coles (9lb Pike)
1662-63 D.G.Burton (8lb Carp)
1961-62 Not Awarded
1960-61 D.Wild (17lb 8oz Pike)
1959-60 D.Pude (14lb 8oz Carp)
1958-59 D.Pude
1957-58 J.Aiken